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Which brand of water machine quality is best?

Aqua - referred to AS Sources of English brand, meaning for the initiation of the source of water,water,implication is the purest, the most healthy water; AS translated into Chinese for , "ai" in Chineseand "love", "shi" implementation, implementation, brand implication is keen on action, give a littlepower.

Aqua -Sources Tech Co., LTD. Is a collection of production, research and development, sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises, the company is specialized in providing family and enterprise planning and water solution. Mr. Shi technology co., LTD. Will provide the group core research and development and production technology, with all my heart into the global market. Group owns more than 40 national patents and authoritative attestation, the product through the international the most rigorous test. Aqua - Sources group, forge ahead, take the lead in forming scale services, with perfect service channel and scale advantage to all customers enjoy the value of quality and service,professional application ofnetwork resources to reduce the distance between the enterprise and customer, rapidly improve the residents' drinking waterquality and safety. Companies relying on strong group technology research and development and the management idea,combined with its high quality products and competitive price advantage, determined to put the AS into industry bench marking brand, do water industry leader!