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Leakage of drinking water machine is the reason why the common leakage position of the water dispenser is maintained.

Abstract: now, the drinking fountains have become very popular, people boil water has become obsolete, but uneven quality of drinking fountains give us brought various problems, leakage is one of them. Then, water dispenser is which parts of the leakage. Below to help you analyze the causes and provide solutions.
Leakage position of drinking water machine
Internal: including internal silicone rubber hose aging rupture, cold / hot tank aging, ice bile leakage, pipeline machine (solenoid valve) leakage, water bottles and other components caused by the overflow.
Solution: replacement parts.
Top: if water leakage, generally caused by rupture of the water bottle parts. The other is a net bucket of floating ball problems, can not be sealed, but this situation does not occur in general.
Solution: use is to check whether there is a phenomenon of rupture of the bottle.
Faucet: the reason for the majority of end cover of pine, internal silicone sets of rupture, or internal have impurities, and scaling.
Solution: tighten the skull, cleaning impurity. If the above is not valid, then can only replace the faucet.
Leakage of drinking water machine is the reason why the common leakage position of the water dispenser is maintained.
Water leakage is the reason why
One reason:
Angel drinking water machine leakage reason may be drinking water bottle appeared leakage phenomenon.
Solution method:
First with a towel, water bottle package, if level there will leak to wet a towel, then we can prove reasons for the water leakage of the drinking water machine is appeared in the drinking water bottle, or is changed back into new bottles of drinking water, observe water opportunity no longer water leakage, the replacement of the water bottle after drinking machine no longer appear leakage phenomenon can also explain the reasons for the water leakage of the drinking water machine is drinking water bottle is broken. Water bottle should be replaced at this time.
Two reasons:
Sometimes we did not turn off the water after the water is connected, it will lead to water leakage of Angel.
Solution method:
To re tighten the water dispenser, to ensure that the tap is no longer leaking.
Three reasons:
Water dispenser check valve because of aging or both ends of the rubber hose will also lead to the loss of Angel drinking water machine leakage.
Solution method:
The use of nylon buckles will fasten or replace a one-way valve one-way valve to solve the new problems Water Leakage drinking machine.
Four reasons:
The smart seat of the water dispenser is generally leaking due to the bursting of the water bottle.
Solution method:
Replace the new water bottle, if the floating ball in the net bucket is not sealed, it should be replaced with a new float.
Five reasons:
When drinking water machine leakage is due to the internal components of the drinking water machine leakage, such as leakage of cold tank leakage, electronic ice bile leakage, water bottles and other reasons can cause water leakage.
Solution method:
Check the internal components of the drinking machine, to see which part of the specific water leakage, through the replacement of the corresponding parts to solve the problem of water leakage.
How to do water machine leakage?
The water leakage of the drinking water machine, not tap water leakage, such as from the inside of the body and on the side of the body touch feels very hot, such leakage phenomenon, leakage of water drinking machine nevertheless almost have two reasons: the leaking of the inner members of the body, such as silica gel tube rupture, hot pot or jar with cold weld leakage, electronic ice bile leakage, electromagnetic valve Guan Xianji leaking, and bottle rupture resulting in water overflow, these usually need to replace damaged parts, or the use of well qualified bottle; the second is leakage at the top of the smart seat leakage, or may also be using net bucket float failure, not due to seal.
Leakage of drinking water machine is the reason why the common leakage position of the water dispenser is maintained.
1, if you are using bottled water, it is estimated that the bucket caused by gas leakage. The leak point is between the bucket mouth and the bottle cap. All bottled water is repeatedly filling. In the process of filling the barrel will have a certain degree of wear and tear. The sealing degree of the bottle cap and the bottle mouth can be influenced. So I suggest you change a bucket of water.
2, if not only the replacement of smart water bucket seat. You mentioned the inlet is in a smart seat at the upper end of the mesh. Air from the mesh into sub pool, then from intelligent column into a bucket, a bucket of water and air exchange position after flowing into the Huayu drinking machine.
3, the little round hole, exhaust, if not to the heating liner does not exhaust the words burst yo, if not boiling water, change the heating thermostat on the line, if not boil water leak is a water filter at the bottom of the one-way valve is broken, change.
4, estimation is bad for a floater, floater will be good.