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The water heater is not heated, do you know why

Drinking water machine and our lives are closely related, have a to the normal operation of the drinking water machine, it should be is a very contented thing, if drinking water machine without heating the, you know why? You have why good way to solve it? Below small make up for you to solve these problems in the life of the small bar!
Several conditions of the water heater is not heated.
One, the water dispenser indicator light is not bright and does not heat
Possible reasons: 1, the power is not switched on; 2, the insurance tube burned; 3, circuit board damaged.
The recommended solution: 1, check the heating switch is in the "on" position. The power supply and the socket are electrically; 2, the replacement of the insurance tube; 3, the circuit board for replacement.
Two, drinking fountains light but not heating
Reasons for non heating of water dispenser
Possible reasons: 1, the heating pipe burn; 2, bad thermostat.
Solution recommended: 1, replace the heating tube; 2, the replacement of the thermostat.
The specific situation of the water heater is not heated.
The first case: the water machine is not electricity, do not heat or refrigeration.
The specific situation of the water heater is not heated.
1, check the power outlet is electricity, if not connected to the timely access.
2, check the power plug and socket contact is reliable, if loose phenomenon is to plug in.
3, check the machines inside and outside the power supply line is disconnected, is off and transplanted? If there is a good connection.
Second kinds of situations: the water dispenser indicator light, but does not heat.
Water dispenser is not heated
1, first check the insurance tube, insurance tube should be back in the water dispenser, it is an insulating plastic head, twist the protruding parts, gently to counter clockwise direction is loosen, some drinking water machine is to open the back cover to find, if the left and right symmetrical on both sides of the two, that is not a fuseholders, cleaning the drains. The insurance tube is a separate one, and the color is also different. Buy two or three by this model, in order to spare.
2, using a multimeter to measure the resistance of the heating pipe. If it is low or zero, then the heating tube is broken.
3, plug in the program, that is, the plug may be poor contact, or the plug of the zero line short circuit, so that you can measure the socket when there is electricity, this should be the second wire.
4, the power supply line of the drinking machine because of the long-term use, there may be internal disconnection, as long as one of the broken line, it will make the water dispenser without power input.
5, drinking water machine internal power input part, due to a long period of wet condition, corrosion oxidation and disconnection.
Third: the temperature control switch is tripped, or damaged thermostat.
Reasons for non heating of water dispenser
Open the lid of the back of the drinking machine, you should be able to see the water dispenser to heat the water tank. General opposite you have two round things are respectively inserted with two strands, it is a temperature control device, is generally below a uses is to be able to repair the temperature control, is characterized by a small button, you use chopsticks props button look at drinking water machine has no good if the remains, it is certainly bad temperature control. Only replaced.
The fourth case: brand Qinyuan drinking water machine without heating the, power light, can not be heated, no hot water, a heating indicator light does not light.
Causes and solutions of non heating of drinking water machine
Mainly in the water dispenser inside the insurance jumped out. Open the water dispenser, there is a black button, reset it.
Do you know the reason why the water heater is not heated? If the home drinking machine does not appear to heat the phenomenon, you are a repair work, simple, easy and fast, you will be able to repair the water machine.